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How Software Can Increase Your Profit!

For us topee a webcam would be an example of an input device it takes pictures of us and sends it into the computer speakers are examples of output devices the reason is because the signal is coming out creating sounds from the computer weave a few other ones down here like this microphone the microphone would bean input device we’re sending information into the computer this tiny.

Little printer would be an example of an output device that’s because of computer sending information out to it so that we can create some cool prints the last one I’ll talk about is this thing this is a scanner and we usually can put a document in here have it scan it as an image into our computer system this would be an input device because it sends the image information into the computer so now that we know what’s going on on the outside let’s take a look at what’s going on on the inside this is actually.

A computer tower that I have been building with my students here at the school it’s not too difficult to put together a computer it’s actually a pretty fun project bandit’s within all of your capabilities if you’re ever interested in doing that lemme know but you’re actually going to learn the basics right now let’s take look inside you’ll see a lot of things going on on the inside this outer shells known as the case its primary function is to keep the insides nice and safe from things that are on the outside.

It also helps keep the system cool usually it has vents on the front and back and in the case of this cover you’ll notice that it has bends on the side as well the next thing we’ll talk about is something called the power supply now the power supply in this system is right down here it’s this black box I have another example I can show you.