Never Suffer From Cannabis Pos Again

The information in all sorts of different ways but it shows you who the patient was what they purchased so any discounts applied what the gross was with both OLC and the city tax breakdown and of course the pre-tax price for all of your items and of course like the average per sale also and then you know we have different reports.

That break down the same information in different ways for example the blood tendon report the exact same sale only broken out by bud tender in this case I was the blood tender bending to myself and it shows you of course.

How much was vented and to whom and if there are any discounts applied and you can search for different days it’s really simple all of these reports we have medical report breakouts rec only report breakouts vendor report breakouts you can run inventory and see how much of everything you have it’s really simple and intuitive and all of these reports export to Quick Books in Excel really easily okay wrap it up here we have all of the reports you need for both the OHA Authority and the Department of Revenue so these monthly tax reports and.

cannabis pos

Quarterly tax reports make a lot of people’s lives easier we’ve had a lot of positive feedback about these supports this is again test data but this q quarterly report if you click it all of our tax reporting is a one click operation which means if you’ve been using our system for a month or a couple of months you can click this tax report and it will print up all of the data.

That you need this is like literally a mock-up of the actual Tax Forum showing you all of your recreational sales your active tax rate the amount of tax that you should have collected and what you owe and that’s it so you print this form out and then you’re done and you pay your taxes in a relatively pain-free way so again all of our tax reporting is one click and we actually recently as a bonus received permission specifically.

From the organ do our the Oregon Department of Revenue to come up with a direct filing system for them so now you can click this.

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